Games for Desktop


Flex hooks Review

Manipulate hooks, wheels, and sliders in increasingly complex entanglements in Flex hooks!

First Feudal Review

Manage a colony as an exiled feudal lord. Recruit peasants, craft resources, advance research, and choose from three win conditions to prove your birthright in First Feudal.

Endzone – A World Apart Review

Reclaim the surface world and build a thriving settlement in this post-apocalyptic city builder, Endzone – A World Apart.


Turn on all the lights Review

Connect logic circuits to deliver the right color of light to each bulb in Turn on the lights.

Assemble with Care Review

Meet the citizens of Bellariva and get to know them while fixing up items from their past in Assemble with Care.

A Comfortable Burden Review

Experience the struggles of trying to run a household with imbalance responsibilities in A Comfortable Burden.

Alchemist Simulator Review

Memorize potion recipes and fulfill client orders in the first-person time-management game Alchemist Simulator.

TOHU Review

Explore a cute and whimsical world to save the inhabitants of the fish planets in TOHU!

Tezz Review

Push together blocks to form different shapes in the relaxing game of Tezz.

Meow Lab Review

Rotate, slide, and place pieces together to form a complete network of wires in Meow Lab!


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