Lydia Review

Some see the world in black and white, while others see only a haze of gray. Meet Lydia, a young girl caught in a dysfunctional family fueled by substance abused.

Cat and Ghostly Road Review

Dive into the spirit world and recover your master’s soul in the beautiful world of Cat and Ghostly Road.

Copperbell Review

Using your bell clapper as a weapon, take on enemies and collect coins for upgrades in the short action-adventure of Copperbell.

Mystic Pillars Review

Arrange gems in a limited number of moves in the colorful world of Mystic Pillars.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Review

Call up a friend and sit down for a cooperative puzzle experience in Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, where players have to work together to describe what they’re seeing and combine clues to advance.

The World Next Door Review

Jun has become trapped in a parallel world and needs the help of her friends and a little magic to get back home. Combine runes to cast spells and while dodging the attacks of the magical monsters of Emrys, in The World Next Door.

Bunny Park Review

Collect, pet, and feed cute bunnies while building them a vibrant garden in Bunny Park.

KIDS Review

A crowd? A hole? Crowd goes in hole.

The Treehouse Man Review

Plan your weapons and talents for your turn in combat, then jump and dodge your enemies’ attack in The Treehouse Man!


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