Path of Giants Review

Maneuver three explorers through a number of 3D ancient puzzles in Path of Giants!

Eternal Return: Black Survival Review

Choose your survivor, scavenge your equipment, and hunt down your opponents in Eternal Return: Black Survival, a free-to-play MOBA-style battle royale!

Unforgotten Review

Explore a town cut off from the modern world, get involved with rituals and spirits while trying to find the truth of your past in Unforgotten, a non-linear choose-your-own-adventure game.

Plague M.D. Review

Quickly cure patients with a variety of questionable methods to avoid being unmasked as a quack doctor hiding in a medieval village, in Plague M.D.


I Am Dead Review

Explore the small town of Shelmerston, meet the spirits of its past residence, and find tons of collectibles in I Am Dead.

Founder’s Fortune Review

Train and raise colonists, build and customize a base, and trade or fight with other factions in Founder’s Fortune.

Hidden Through Time Review

Follow clues through historic themed levels to find hidden objects and people, or create and share your own levels, in Hidden Through Time.

Arrog Review

Experiment your way through short puzzles where every level has different mechanics and goals in Arrog.

The First Friend Review

Explore a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere while searching for your lost friend and old memories in The First Friend.

Hidden Memory Review

Memorize logic rules and mentally deconstruct shapes to reveal minimalist nature artwork in Hidden Memory.


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