Video Game Review – A Book of Beasts and Buddies

A Book of Beasts and Buddies is a 100% FREE puzzle game done in a choose-your-own-adventure style. Players interact with different creatures using four options to gather different information on them. Each creature also has a special item to give the player which usually unlocks a new option with another creature. Collecting all the special items completes the book and unlocks special out-of-game bonus content.

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four short pillars stand in a line each sending up a beam of light

Video Game Review – Goetia

Goetia is a point and click puzzle game set in Europe in 1941. The focus is on exploring the dilapidated Blackwood manor and abandoned surroundings as Abigail Blackwood, the ghost of a 12 year old girl who died in the manor 39 years prior. Players search for clues, pass through walls, possess objects, and solve challenging puzzles in over 90 rooms. Discover the haunting story of what happened to the Blackwood family both prior to and after Abigail’s death, as well as the fate of the surrounding area.

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Video Game Review – Cheeky Chooks

Cheeky Chooks is a totally FREE lite simulation game with minor idle elements. Raise chicken-like creatures called chooks and build the biggest ranch you can. Get more food, water, space, and toys for your chooks. Keep them happy or they’ll leave! Scare off enemies and increase your egg quality to make more money and grow your ranch. Right now players can still take part in the Halloween event to collect up to 4 unique legendary chooks!

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Neptune speaks while Jupiter shrugs and Venus looks worried

Video Game Review – We Know The Devil

We Know The Devil is a short “group relationship horror” visual novel. The primary characters are three teenagers at a religious summer camp set in a paranormal world very similar to our own. Players choose pairs of characters to spend time with each other, learning about each of the characters from their dialog together. But one character ends up excluded more than the others, and this betrayal and jealousy can give the devil an opportunity…

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man slides down ramp

Video Game Review – Metrico+

Metrico+ is an infographic themed puzzle-platformer with stylistic minimalist design. Players navigate through 6 worlds of chart-based terrain that reacts to each action of the player. A platform may follow the player’s horizontal position, while another reacts to how fast the player moves, and a wall rises in front of the exit if the player jumps. Each challenge requires experimentation, forethought, and perception.

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red blobs on a tree

Video Game Review – LEAVES: The Return

LEAVES: The Return is a point and click puzzle game with little to no instructions. Help the Treefruities recollect the leaves for their tree by solving puzzles to access new areas until you’ve found where all the leaves landed. Puzzles require logic, memorization, experimentation, and more. It also features a relaxing soundtrack and wordless story.

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Diary entry

Video Game Review – The Writer: A Change Of Identity

The Writer: A Change Of Identity is a text based horror game that delves into the subconscious of the main character. Players have access to his diary and jumbled recordings of his subconscious thoughts while he goes through a several day self inflicted personality change. Subconscious thought recordings are organized and then compared against the diary to glean the story.

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minimalist steal bridge collapsing

Video Game Review – Bridge Constructor Playground

Bridge Constructor Playground is a physic puzzle game in which players build bridges from a few simple materials to span progressively wider gaps. The game features 32 levels in total, with each level having 5 badges to complete. Badges cover constraints such as load tests, cost restrictions, stress limits, and material constraints. Bridges are tested in a physics simulation with visible stress level indicators per piece.

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Elin with cherry blossom tree

Video Game Review – Soulless: Ray of Hope

Soulless: Ray of Hope is a puzzle platformer with a colorful world and expressive music. Players use basic mechanics and items to complete both relaxed and rushed puzzles throughout three acts of the game. The game also features three endings based on your final choices, in addition to collectibles and secret rooms.

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blue and red bot together

Video Game Review – Wanda: A Beautiful Apocalypse

Wanda: A Beautiful Apocalypse is a story-rich puzzle game focused on the relationship between two robots in the post-apocalyptic remains of their homeland. They journey to find friendship and discover what happened to their world. Expressive cutscenes tell the story without comprehensible dialogue and unique puzzles help the pair overcome unexpected challenges.

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