Lumexa Review

Create networks of colored hexes using the fewest number of clicks in Lumexa.

Koi Farm Review

Collect and breed koi fish in more than a dozen colors and with procedurally generated patterns to create your own most beautiful koi in Koi Farm!

Puzzle Car Review

Organize the city streets to get your car safely across town in Puzzle Car.

Dear Mom Review

A story between mother and daughter, in Dear Mom.


LX Patterns Review

Test your pattern recognition across increasingly difficult puzzles in LX Patterns!

Hidden Lands Review

Hidden Lands is a free spot-the-difference game featuring 3D floating islands.

Yin Yang Review

Find the right moves to slide pieces around a 2D board and join the halves in Yin Yang.

Hike Review

Take a weekend camping trip in the woods in Hike.

Path of Giants Review

Maneuver three explorers through a number of 3D ancient puzzles in Path of Giants!

Eternal Return: Black Survival Review

Choose your survivor, scavenge your equipment, and hunt down your opponents in Eternal Return: Black Survival, a free-to-play MOBA-style battle royale!

Unforgotten Review

Explore a town cut off from the modern world, get involved with rituals and spirits while trying to find the truth of your past in Unforgotten, a non-linear choose-your-own-adventure game.


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