No Ghost in Stay Home Review

Explore the creepy secrets of Anna’s room in No Ghost in Stay Home.

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 5 minutes
All endings play time: 90 minutes
Total play time: 110 minutes
Cost: 0.99 USD

No Ghost in Stay Home game screenshot.

Released June 4th, 2021 by Midori Games


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Lots of endings to explore
Major Cons:
  • Experimenting for the final endings can be repetitive
Minor Pros:
  • Investigate without handholding
  • Quick runs
Minor Cons:
  • Managing haunting level can be confusing
No Ghost in Stay Home game screenshot.

One of the possible endings

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In-Depth Review

No Ghost in Stay Home focuses on a young girl named Anna staying home alone. She does her best to be good by sitting still and not touching anything. However, the player can mess with different objects in the room, trying to frighten Anna. As the player explores, time continues to progress, sometimes allowing events to happen based on what the player has interacted with. At the end of the night, the player will get one of 17 endings based on the choices they made. Each run takes about 3 minutes.

No Ghost in Stay Home game screenshot.

Changing Anna’s room for the better

The point of No Ghost in Stay Home is to explore and learn what the interactions are. After getting each ending the player can see icons indicating what interactions they did lead to that ending. Hints are available to help players get all the endings. Some endings are pretty niche so I found this really helpful. Some endings are also not accessible until players have unlocked other endings.

No Ghost in Stay Home game screenshot.

Your resistance is meaningless against a vast conspiracy

No Ghost in Stay Home contains some minor jump scares, but most of the horror is focused on the atmosphere. By scaring Anna, the player can attract ghosts which is necessary for many of the endings. This can lead to more apparitions appearing and things breaking in the room when the player interacts with them. However, there are some good endings if the player keeps the ghosts at bay. There’s no true ending, but some endings are more advanced to get than others. My personal favorite was summoning a demon servant for Anna.

No Ghost in Stay Home game screenshot.

The completed ending collection



Overall, I found No Ghost in Stay Home to be a fun little experimentation game. I liked exploring all the many endings and the no-handholding investigation worked well with the quick timing of each run. Searching for the last few elusive endings can get a bit repetitive, however, particularly with some of the more abstract mechanics such as haunting level. I recommend No Ghost in Stay Home for hands of free-experimentation puzzle games that are looking for a shorter experience.

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