Mobile Game Review – The Celestial Tree

The Celestial Tree is a free-to-play mobile clicker game. Players collect and upgrade a variety of enhancements by gathering resources from multiple sources. There are also options to collect several background images and rearrange the artifacts to the player’s aesthetic desires.

Format: Android
Cost: Free-to-Play
Pressure to Pay: Low, read below for details

The Celestial Tree grown to a large size with a blue background

The Celestial Tree has unique visuals within the genre

Major Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Multiple avenues for upgrade

Minor Pros:

  • Customize the visual environment
Beginning of the tutorial giving a quest to summon spirit 1 times

Start from a tiny sprout and grow!

Major Cons:

  • English translation errors
  • Text is tiny on mobile

Minor Cons:

  • Progress saving errors
materialized nightmare darkens the screen, text says: defeat the materialized nightmare by touching it fast!

Defeat nightmares in the time limit to gain rewards!

The Celestial Tree has multiple ways for players to upgrade their clicking. Energy per click can be directly upgraded or players can invest in energy passively acquired by “spirits” which last a minute. The tree can be upgraded to allow more spirits and greater energy per click. There are also “artifacts” which have unique abilities and can be obtained from explorations, which are little mini clicker-combat against “nightmares”. Nightmares also drop fragments of eternity which can be used to upgrade “eternity” types for effects like multipliers for click energy or bonus energy for clicking on active spirits. Energy, spirits, and eternity can also be obtained by investing the same type along with fruit. Fruit is obtained every minute based on tree level. “Historic sites” also produce rewards every minute based on type and can be upgraded with energy and spirits.

Investment options of choose life to restore, cute dandelion grants energy, fresh green ivy grants spirit, and pink cosmos grants fragments of eternity

Use Celestial Fruit to invest resources

One of the standout things about The Celestial Tree is the visuals. All of the graphics are done in a soft glowing art style. Players are able to customize their background image with a variety of styles and colors, from peaceful forest to soft clouds. Artifacts also have visual components, with themes like flowers, moons, and tree ornaments. The colors of these can’t be changed, but they can be moved around or hidden to suit the player’s taste.

The Celestial tree with realistic blue cloud background

Backgrounds come in a variety of colors with patterns such as grass, clouds, flowers, and snow

Unfortunately, much of the text in The Celestial Tree is full of translation errors. Some of these took me quite a while to decipher what they meant. This is coupled with the fact that the tutorial doesn’t cover everything and players are left reading the “Help” bullet points to figure out how everything else works. The text is also tiny and painful to read on a phone, though it may be better on a larger tablet. It also made it unclear at first how money could be spent on the game. Money can be used to speed up investment timers, randomly draw artifacts, or automatically pick up resources. Spending money was clearly unnecessary, although advertisements could be viewed to gain a little premium currency.

Growth and transcendence help screen featuring 27 lines of tiny text

This text is very hard to read on a phone screen and it does not zoom

The Celestial Tree isn’t designed to be an idle game and as such it doesn’t keep running or racking up resources while the game is off. Exiting the game also requires the player to manually save first or progress will be lost. Even if an autosave had recently occurred, it felt like I often lost progress back to my last manual save. This was frustrating compared to what I’m used to in mobile games, but was something I learned to get in the habit of doing.

Moon Angel artifact, gives additional celestial fruit. the flavor text says: an angel on the moon, it helps celestial tree to have sweet dream.

Luckily I saved after getting my first artifact

Overall I found The Celestial Tree to be a fun and active clicker game. I really liked the art style and found the game worth wading through the trouble of reading and understanding the text. I would recommend The Celestial Tree to players interested in a mobile clicker game that are also willing to deal with the text issues as an upfront cost.

Find this game on Google Play.

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