Vampire’s Fall: Origins Review

“Like all soldiers before you, your first opponent will be a terrifying rat. Why a rat you ask? Well, if you can’t kill a rat, you can’t kill anything else either.” -Captain Angmar, Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Format: PC via Steam
Play time so far: 26.5 hours

Vampire's Fall  Origins. Combat verse a yeti

Released Jan 31st, 2020 by Early Morning Studio


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Different build options
  • Optional bosses with unique drops
Major Cons:
  • End game grind
Minor Pros:
  • Meta humor
Minor Cons:
  • A lot of running across the map
Vampire's Fall  Origins. Shopping for items. A displayed rare axe has additional bonuses for experience gain verse beasts and critical strike chance.

Rarer weapons have additional stat bonuses

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In-depth Review

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is an open-world role-playing game where players take on the role of a newly turned and utterly alone vampire seeking out for revenge against the Witchmaster who slaughtered their village. Players travel across the continent to build their combat prowess and gather intel of the Witchmaster’s location. Along the way, they meet many amusing characters with optional side quests.

Vampire's Fall  Origins. shed inhabitant saying: I escaped from the mental hospital in this wagon... nah, I'm just kidding with you. I didn't use a wagon.

One of the humorous background characters

Combat in Vampire’s Fall: Origins is turn-based with the player and opponent alternating turns. Players build up focus over time in order to use special abilities or combo attacks. Building up enough focus allows for a combo turn where the player can use as many abilities at once as they have focus for. As players level up they can increase their stats such as focus gained, as well as gain additional traits such as healing a portion of the damage dealt.

Vampire's Fall  Origins. Combat verse a church spirit. Control based abilities are listed as backstab, bat swarm, conjure, and petrify.

Each enemy has its own damage type weaknesses and resistances

The story of Vampire’s Fall: Origins largely focuses on the player’s character trying to locate the Witchmaster after he’s taken over the continent and slaughtered their village. The game doesn’t try to spin the trope storyline into something original but rather laces it with meta-humor and ridiculous side quests. I really enjoyed the humor as the game was able to laugh at some of its silly mechanics that are common in the RPG genre.

Vampire's Fall  Origins. Graveyard keeper saying: I often get asked if it's awful to work with dead people. many days it is a dreadful job, but it could be worse. I could be working with living people. shivers. ugh.

We are in agreement then

There are two parts to the story of Vampire’s Fall: Origins, with the first half focused on the Witchmaster. Unfortunately, by the time I finished the first story I had already hit the pseudo-level-cap and it became effectively impossible for me to gain more levels. I’d also reached the max of the standard tier equipment and the enemies dropped tiny amounts of gold in comparison to what I needed. I believe this happened because I focused on completing all the side quests and defeating all the optional bosses. By the time I entered the second half of the story, fights were trivial and rewards of new gear or abilities were essentially gone. I stuck it out for a while because after completing the story the player can choose to rebirth with harder enemies but more gold and experience, but ultimately I put the game down without completing it because of the repetitive combat grind and constant running across the map.

Vampire's Fall  Origins. Terrain map of covering a number of labeled cities, including Avan, Kamengrad, and Easthaven.

Trying to take shortcuts through the woods means running into a lot of trees



Overall, I enjoyed the time I put into Vampire’s Fall: Origins. I enjoyed the humor and trying out the different builds and abilities. I really liked hunting down and defeating the optional bosses and following the ridiculous side quests. Ultimately I put the game down early due to the end game grind and constant running across the map. I recommend Vampire’s Fall: Origins to open-world RPG fans looking for a casual game with some good meta-humor and potential replayability.

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