Slitherlink Review

Slitherlink, the grid-based puzzle game is free-to-play on mobile! Generate infinite puzzles of whatever size of difficulty you desire.

Format: Android via Google Play
Cost: Free-to-Play
Pressure to Pay: Low, read below for details

Slitherlink. Partially complete honeycomb slitherlink puzzle

Released by Ejelta LLC


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Infinite logic puzzles
  • Varying sizes and difficulties
Major Cons:
  • Now I want even more grid types
Minor Pros:
  • Multiple grid types, but only one is unlimited for free-to-play
Minor Cons:
  • Puzzle start out more zoomed out than necessary
Slitherlink. A huge puzzle with a diagonals

Luckily there’s zoom!

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In-depth Review

Slitherlink is a logical puzzle game that’s been around in paper and pen form for ages, now brought mobile with infinite level generation. Both light and dark modes are available (I prefer dark mode), along with optional colored visualizations. Zoom is also super handy for larger levels.

Slitherlink. A small square-grid puzzle in easy difficulty. Nearly completed.

A simple square grid, one of the more common paper and pen forms

There are two main rules for Slitherlink. First, you want to create a single loop that satisfies all the numbers on your grid. Second, to satisfy a number, the shape it’s in must have exactly as many of its sides be part of the loop as the number says. So if you have a square grid with a number 2 inside a cell, exactly two of the sides making up that square will be included in the loop. Also, Slitherlink is a pure logic game, no guessing is ever required.

Slitherlink. Medium-sized puzzle with a Cairo grid, half completed.

Non-uniform grids are my favorite

Slitherlink has 6 grid types, 4 board sizes, and 3 difficulty levels. I personally find the non-uniform grids such as Kites and Cairo to be the most run. No grid types are inherently harder than the others and theoretically, many more grid types could exist as long as a single loop can be created through it.

Slitherlink. 6 Grid type options, showing honeycomb, snowflakes, squares, Cairo, kites, and diagonals.

Grid type options, honeycomb is unlimited free by default

In-app purchases for Slitherlink come from buying additional grid types. The default hex grid is always free, but players can play up to 20 levels on each of the other grid types before being asked to purchase them. These levels can be of any configuration the player desires, meaning ambitious players could play huge grids on hard difficulty to maximize their time in the free levels. Most of the grids are purchased as one bundle except for Snowflakes which was added later as a separate purchase.

Slitherlink. Notification of being out of free levels. Option to buy the square, Cairo, diagonals, and kites grid types for 2.99 USD.

Grid purchase option



Overall, I find Slitherlink to be a relaxing and enjoyable logic game. It’s a great way to pass time when I’m out on the go. Since I typically play it on my phone, I usually go for the smaller grid sizes, but the large grids are great for a tablet. I recommend Slitherlink for fans of the paper and pen version and any fans of logic puzzle games.

What puzzle games do you enjoy on the go?
Let me know in the comments below!

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