Tezz Review

Push together blocks to form different shapes in the relaxing game of Tezz.

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 30 minutes
Cost: 0.99 USD

Tezz. Level 14 with 3 moveable blocks on a soft pink background.

Released Feb 8th, 2021 by Attack Studio


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Straight forward mechanics
  • Soft color palette
Major Cons:
  • Short
Minor Pros:
  • Relaxing music
Minor Cons:
  • No undo
  • Orientation is cheesable
Tezz. Level 1 with mouse controls shown. The middle mouse button rotates the camera, left-click rotates pieces, and right-click pushes pieces toward the center


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In-Depth Review

Tezz is a short puzzle game about combining blocks to form specified shapes. The desired shape is visible in the top right and players can rotate the blocks and then push them toward the center in whatever order they desire. Getting the correct rotation and order of the blocks is key, especially since blocks keep traveling once pushed until they hit something, possibly going until they hit an unmoved piece across from them or flying off the screen entirely.

Tezz. Level select screen showing 35 levels.

Tezz has 35 levels

Tezz is a pretty short game but features a lovely soft color palette and relaxing music. The puzzles aren’t too difficult and the mechanic is simple to learn. Restarting is fast, though I’d have liked to see an undo button for smoother gameplay. One thing I found weird was that the orientation the desired shape was in seemed random compared to the starting orientation of the camera. However, it was easy to determine because any attempted solution, even just randomly pushing all the pieces in, would cause the camera to move to the correct orientation. I’m not sure if this was an oversight and finding the orientation was supposed to be part of the challenge, or if the intended orientation is just poorly communicated.

Tezz. Level 27 with 4 moveable blocks. The center blocks are in a state of partial visibility as if dissolving.

In later levels, centerpieces alternate between being visible and not



Overall, I found Tezz to be a decent puzzle game. It’s pretty short, but I enjoyed my time with it. The mechanics are simple and the color palette and music are relaxing. The only two things I would change are adding an undo button and clearing up whether the player should know the orientation of the puzzle or not. I recommend Tezz for puzzle game fans looking for a quick relaxing game.

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