Hidden Through Time Review

Follow clues through historic themed levels to find hidden objects and people, or create and share your own levels, in Hidden Through Time.

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 2 hours
Play time so far: 2.5 hours

Hidden Through Time. Gathering of stone-age tribespeople in the woods. there are 9 items listed to find.

Released March 12th, 2020 by Rogueside


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Good difficulty puzzles
Major Cons:
  • None
Minor Pros:
  • Level creation and sharing
  • Versatile artwork works well in custom levels
Minor Cons:
  • None of the levels are particularly memorable
Hidden Through Time. Royal wedding level in the medieval age with 6 items to find.

People and animals may move in set paths around a level

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In-Depth Review

Hidden Through Time is a hidden object game where players search historically themed levels for people and objects. Themes include the Stone Age, Egypt, Middle Ages, and Western. Players can also create their own levels in any of the themes and share them online with other players.

Hidden Through Time. Train station themed level set in the wild west. There are 9 items to fine. The dynamite is being hovered and gives the clue 'quickly, throw it out the window before it explodes!'

Buildings, tents, and other ‘containers’ can be opened and searched

Players start each level with a list of items to find. Each item will display a clue on how to find it if hovered over in the list. Using these clues, players can intuit where to look for the item. Some items may be hidden inside of houses or containers, which can be opened or closed by clicking on them. To advance to the next level, players do not have to find all the items, so getting stuck on one or two items does not prevent progress and players can return to where they left off later.

Hidden Through Time. Simple stone-age level with two people and two tents around a fire. Menus for adding items and a grid across the level are visible.

Simple level creation

Hidden Through Time allows players to create their own levels. By selecting an era, players can use the same people and items used in the main game to create custom levels. These levels can be of varying size and complexity. Any item or person can be marked as a ‘target’ that needs to be found by the player and then a custom clue can be written for the target. Players can test their levels out before sharing them online. When searching online there are a number of filter options to help the player find the types of levels they want to play.

Hidden Through Time. Stone age level showing tribespeople at a large gathering to carve rocks. there are 9 items to find.

Stone blocks are a special container that can be carved down to reveal the contents

All the items and people in Hidden Through Time have sound effects when the player clicks on them. Along with the animations of people, animals, and moving objects, this brings the world to life. When building levels, players can also specify their own movement paths for people and animals to help build up the stories for their scenes. The art is simple but versatile and works well both in the default and custom levels. However, it’s difficult to build notable stories or memorable scenes.

Hidden Through Time. Small market themed level set in ancient Egypt, there are 6 items to find.

Level for each age start off small and get progressively larger



Overall, I enjoyed Hidden Through Time. There were a good number of levels with the possibility of playing a large number of fan-made levels. Level creation is straight forward and the available artwork is versatile. However, the versatility comes at the cost that most of the levels from each age blend together, and none of them stand out as particularly interesting or memorable. I recommend Hidden Through Time for hidden object game lovers, especially if they want to create their own levels.

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