Territory Idle Game Review

Territory Idle is a free idle strategy game where players fill their kingdom with resource production, hire workers, and then sell the kingdom to start over with gold. Gold can be used to acquire permanent land and new resources. Later game content includes rituals, religion, and hiring heroes.

Format: PC via Steam
Play time so far: 2 hours

7 plots of land. 1 empty, 1 temple, 1 quarry, 1 forest camp, 1 farm, and 2 wheat fields.

Released in Early Access March 5th, 2019 by Aleksandr Golovkin

Quick Overview

Major Pros:

  • Simple idle gameplay
Major Cons:

  • Niche graphical design
Minor Pros:

  • Clear progression
Minor Cons:

  • Slow in the beginning
How to play tutorial. 1 fill all tiles so you will be able to abdicate. 2 abdication gives you gold. you can buy new tiles, wood, and weat for gold. you can move view with right mouse button or wasd. 3 buy tiles, then accumulate enough told to buy 500 wood for forest camp. 4 try to get stone, so you will be able to construct stone buildings! page 1 of 2.

Dedicate land to resources, sell off all the land when it fills up to get gold!

In-depth Review

From the creator of 50 Years (see the review here!) comes a slow idle strategy game. Players start by building wheat fields and increasing production in order to sell off the kingdom and start again with more space or starting resources. Gameplay is simple and straightforward, with each plot of land being dedicated to a single purpose. After the first selling of the kingdom, wood can be purchased to build a forest camp and acquire wood passively. Unfortunately, many of the features beyond simple resource production aren’t accessible until later in the game, so players will have to invest some time to see them.

6 options to add to a ritual. Each option added increases the cost and length of the ritual.

Rituals are encountered later in the game

Progression options are clear at each stage in Territory Idle. All the numbers of the effects of each plot of land are present in either the normal display or the hover text. Build options for the current resource types are shown in the build menu. This allows players to easily see just their current options and how to progress, particularly early on in the game, without streamlining them into one build path. Builds can be changed with each kingdom restart.

Option to by a new plot of land for 1 gold. Text also warns that each new plot is 10 times the price.

Investing in additional land is costly, but permanent

The graphics of Territory Idle are a retro style with high contrast and sharp lines. I consider this to be a niche pick that not all players are going to want to look at for an extended period of time. Since it’s an idle game, it’s easy to pop it into the background and leave it running without looking at it. But I still found the graphics to be one of the reasons I didn’t pick the game up sooner.

Hover text on a build option showing percentage progress toward being able to build a farm using wheat and wood.

Progress toward buildings is calculated for players


Overall I found Territory Idle to be an easy to pick up idle strategy game. I was glad to seeing more from Aleksandr Golovkin in the strategy genre. Territory Idle takes a while to get to some of the more complex content, but I’m interested in trying out some different builds. I recommend Territory Idle to players looking for a free idle strategy game with some good playtime, so long as they don’t mind the graphics or the slow start.

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