Steam Game Review – King Rabbit

King Rabbit is a free-to-play puzzle action game focused on player level creation and sharing. It features a tutorial to introduce all the objects as well as a spectator mode. On each level, the player strives to collect the golden key and unlock the trapped queen rabbit, as well as collect three optional gems.

Release Date: January 25th, 2019
Developer: RareSloth
Publisher: RareSloth
Format: PC Game
Playtime so far: 1 hour

King Rabbit stands in a square of alternating spike traps that rise from the ground

Levels require puzzle solving, but also reaction time

Major Pros:

  • Helpful tutorial
  • Easy level editor

Minor Pros:

  • Spectate random players / levels
  • Tip level creators with bonus crystals
King Rabbit beside a bloody saw and pressure switch, with a pile of bones beneath a nearby gem

There’s an option to enable blood and bones at player’s previous death locations

Major Cons:

  • Only player-made levels after the tutorial

Minor Cons:

  • No checkpoints
  • No way to view the whole level
level editor with level preview in the center on a grid. new objects to add are listed along the bottom with their costs and options such as undo, redo, rename, and save along the top.

The level editor uses a clean and simple interface with drag and drop pieces

King Rabbit starts out with a reasonable length tutorial introducing all the puzzle objects and how they interact. Action elements of the game such as reaction time and enemy avoidance also ramp up. I found the tutorial very helpful in showing the various game mechanics without too much hand holding or stupidly simple levels. However the tutorial levels are the only developer created levels in the game.

Level Keys and Locks by Rare Sloth featuring purple and blue keys while Queen Rabbit shouts

Introduction to colored keys and locks

After the tutorial, the only option is the play random player levels. There’s no way to browse or search for levels with certain characteristics. Which also means there’s no telling how hard of a level a player will get. Players at both the high and low spectrum of skill / stubbornness may find themselves skipping levels. It’s not easy to tell how hard a level is. If a level is larger than the screen, there’s no way to zoom out or pan around the camera. There’s also no limit on how long a level might take to beat and there are no checkpoint options.

King Rabbit with the ice crown floats down a current on a box toward a rapidly firing flame cannon and four moving saws on collapsible ground

Player levels are much more complex

Despite the lack of checkpoints, the level editor does have a ton of cool objects. It’s also easy to use. To publish levels, players will need gems. Every player starts with a chunk of gems and then they can get more by paying real money or collecting them from other player’s levels. Every level must contain gems. The cost to publish a level is based on how many and what objects are in it. Gems can also be used to tip level creators, so they can create and publish more levels.

After level screen with a thumbs up or down for level quality and an option to tip the level creator 1, 3, or 5 gems

Gems can be used to tip level creators

The last interesting feature of King Rabbit is the ability to spectate other players. Spectate shows the spectator another player’s camera. The spectated player is chosen randomly, but players have the option to opt out of people randomly watching them if they wish. It’s an interest idea, but given the randomness of it I’m not sure how much use it is.

Spectator screen of a King Rabbit trapped between two angry reapers

Spectated players and levels are random

Overall I found King Rabbit to be an easy to use creative game for level creation. I’m interested in seeing how it develops. I’d like to see the developers address the randomness of level finding and spectating, as well as add some more player friendly features like level overview and checkpoints. King Rabbit is a fun free-to-play game which I would recommend to action puzzle enthusiasts and creative minds.

Find this game at the publisher’s website or on Steam.

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