Cat and Ghostly Road Review

Dive into the spirit world and recover your master’s soul in the beautiful world of Cat and Ghostly Road. Talk to spirits, explore surreal terrain, and solve fantastical puzzles to find the demon that has stolen his soul and recover it.

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 1.5 hours

Cat and Ghostly Road. White cat beneath blooming pink cherry trees

Released February 27th, 2020 by BOV


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Beautiful setting
  • Meet a variety of demons
Major Cons:
  • Short
Minor Pros:
  • Relaxing soundtrack
Minor Cons:
  • Some grammatical errors
  • Slow move speed
Cat and Ghostly Road. White cat in a tree with dark bark and white flowers

Taking a break in a pearl tree

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In-depth Review

Cat and Ghostly Road is an adventure game following a cat looking to return his master soul. After a demon steals the spirit of a man who saved the cat’s life, the cat goes on an adventure through the spirit world to defeat the demon and recover the man’s soul. Players use the cat’s third eye ability to be able to see spirits in order to work with them or gain advice. Later on, the player also gains the ability to change into a human form, such that they can interact with larger objects and things otherwise above their head.

Cat and Ghostly Road. White humanoid cat in a red and green forest

Human form

One of the most notable things about Cat and Ghostly Road is its beautiful setting. Every area that the player enters into has very beautiful scenery. The colors are very soft as is the lighting. The entire setting feels very surreal. There are a number of different characters’ designs, most are spirits or animals, or some sort of cross in between. Cat and Ghosts Road also has a very soft and relaxing soundtrack. I found it very pleasing and felt that it really set the atmosphere for the game. The tracks changed throughout the different areas, and I felt all of them were wonderfully crafted.

Cat and Ghostly Road. Night over mountains

Beautiful landscape

The biggest struggle for Cat and Ghostly Road is how short is it. Is it took me about an hour and a half to complete and I didn’t have any particular struggles with any of the puzzles or trying to find objects. A player that did have trouble might take a little bit longer. I’m not surprised that the game wasn’t longer since it would have been a fair amount of work to continue adding new areas and story-wise, it felt like the story ran its course.

Cat and Ghostly Road. Pillow spirit saying you've finally spotted us

Seeing the first spirit

I played the game in English. I found that there were some grammatical errors in the translations. For the most part, this didn’t impede my ability to understand what was going on or what the characters intended, but some players may find it distracting. One thing that did frustrate me a little bit, as I got further in the game, was how slow the character moves walking back and forth across screens. The character doesn’t have to completely reach the edge of the screen in order to pass from one area to another, but if one is walking back and forth across a large continuous area it becomes noticeable.

Cat and Ghostly Road. White cat in a graveyard with shrine

Walking across a graveyard



Overall, I found Cat and Ghostly Road to be a very beautiful game. I enjoyed the different characters, beautiful setting, and relaxed soundtrack. It was a little short, but it matched the duration of the story. Some players might be bothered by some of the minor grammatical errors and the slow movement speed. I recommend Cat and Ghostly Road for any point and click adventure game players that are looking for a very surreal experience and a short story.

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