Video Game Review – Space Between Worlds

Space Between Worlds is a free minimalist puzzle game that can be enjoyed in about 10 minutes. Players use basic controls to move their character and find the appropriate distance to be from other characters in the level. Levels are themed after different life stages and the types of interactions we have with other people.

Release Date: July 30th 2018
Developer: 4H StudioLab
Publisher: 4H StudioLab, GrabTheGames
Format: PC Game
First playthrough time: 10 minutes


Major Pros:

  • Wordless story
  • Simple puzzles
  • Completely free!

Minor Pros:

  • Pleasant minimalist graphics


Major Cons:

  • I wanted more of a challenge

Minor Cons:

  • Short


The story of Space Between Worlds focuses on common elements of social interactions in modern life. Early levels are themed around childhood life experiences while later levels include maintaining romantic relationships and experiencing parenthood. Players use the theme of the level, indicated by the level’s title and the background sound, to determine where their character should be in relation to the other(s) in the level. For example, it’s probably not the right answer to be up close and snuggly with your boss. I enjoyed the way the levels reflected modern life without telling a specific story and used that basic understand to push the player toward the solution.


Space Between Worlds uses very simple controls and minimalist graphics. These make it easy to pick up and enjoy, but leaves the senses open to focus on the audio component of the levels. Arrow keys are used for movement with no other controls necessary. The graphics were on the border of too minimal for my taste, but I liked the variations in color palette across the levels and the story representation was clear.


Space Between Worlds is a pretty short game, I finished it in 10 minutes, which makes it good for a quick experience. I’d have enjoyed it more if it had worked up to more complex levels, but the lack of difficulty matched the simplicity of it. The game is also completely free, which opens it to a much wider audience and makes the shortness and simplicity more applicable.


Overall I found Space Between Worlds to be a short enjoyable puzzle game about the social relationships we have in modern life and how we connect with other people. It’s easy to appreciate with light gameplay and minimalist graphics. Players looking for a short easy experience should enjoy this free game.

Find this game on Steam.


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