Tiny Lands Review

Enjoy a casual spot-the-difference puzzle in the atmospheric experience of Tiny Lands.

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 3 hours
Cost: 6.99

Tiny Lands. Person number a tree petting a dog. A father and baby deer are nearby. The trees are colored for fall and bright mushrooms are beneath the largest tree. 3 out of 5 differences have been found.

Released Jan 21st, 2021 by Hyper Three Studio | Maple Whispering Limited


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Pleasing visuals
  • Each level is unique
Major Cons:
  • None
Minor Pros:
  • Good difficulty curve
  • Relaxing background sound effects and music
Minor Cons:
  • No hint option
Tiny Lands. Level select showing two levels with perfect 5 stars.

A unique level selection menu

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In-Depth Review

Tiny Lands is a spot-the-difference puzzle game. Players are presented with a side-by-side comparison of two scenes that they can rotate and zoom on. There are 50 levels across 5 areas with each level having 5 differences to find. Within areas, levels will increase in complexity and detail, producing a smooth difficulty curve without spamming more things to find. Differences are either: color changes, size changes, or object repositions within a small area. Areas do not have to be fully completed to move on, but there’s no hint option for players that get frustrated.

Tiny Lands. Nighttime scene of a man and woman meeting on a bridge amidst a lantern-lit garden. The plants, architecture, and clothes of the couple suggest a traditional Japanese setting.

One of the more challenging levels for me due to the abundance of plants

Tiny Lands has a very visually pleasing graphical design. The colors are bright, but the lighting is soft and it works toward the relaxing atmosphere. Furthering that atmosphere is the background music and sound effects. These often include the sounds of birds, crickets, water, and the movement of objects as relevant to the scenes. These worked well with the relaxed nature of the scenes, usually showing people at rest or in low-energy scenarios instead of aiming for comical or exciting moments. The exception to this might be the graveyard area where scenes are rather fantastical in nature.

Tiny Lands. The tentacles of a Kraken raising a small boat out of the water and spilling its treasure into the sea. A raining animation plays over the scene.

Zooming in a bit to take in an unusually chaotic scene



Overall, I enjoyed Tiny Lands’ puzzles and the relaxing atmosphere. The difficulty curve was smooth and each level brought a fresh feeling. The visuals and background music and sound effects were on point for a relaxing casual feel. There’s no hint option for players that get frustrated, but progress through the levels can continue without finding all the differences. I recommend Tiny Lands for players looking for an enjoyable atmospheric puzzle experience.

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