LX Patterns Review

Test your pattern recognition across increasingly difficult puzzles in LX Patterns!

A review copy of LX Patterns was provided for this review. No compensation was involved and all thoughts are my own.

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 3 hours

LX Patterns. Level 7 beginner puzzle. 11 3 by 3 grids of color squares are shown. The player must provide what the 12th grid would be.

Released Feb 17th, 2021 by Thedox Games


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Variety of puzzle
  • Long difficulty curve
Major Cons:
  • No hint system
Minor Pros:
  • Easy input
Minor Cons:
  • No colorblind mode
  • Lacks some polish
LX Patterns. Level select of 60 levels broken into 3 difficulty tiers. The advanced levels are locked and require 50% completion rate to unlock.

Levels are divided into three difficulty tiers

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In-Depth Review

LX Patterns is a puzzle game based on deducing patterns and filling in missing values. The puzzles are all styled after IQ tests and arranged into 3 tiers of difficulty. After completing a puzzle, the pattern will be explained for players to check their understanding. If players get stuck on a puzzle, they can return to the menu and pick a different one, but won’t be able to progress to the next tier of puzzles until a minimum number of prior puzzles has been completed.

LX Patterns. Explanation of a pattern with moving colored squares.

Each pattern is explained after the player beats its level

I found LX Patterns to have an enjoyable range of puzzles. Early patterns were pretty straight forward with later ones ramping up substantially in difficulty. Puzzles could involve letters, numbers, symbols, shapes, colors, etc. A word of warning: there is no colorblind and several puzzles require color differentiation. I found the variety of patterns enjoyable and was please that solving prior puzzles didn’t make later ones easier.

LX Patterns. Level 10 beginner puzzle. 2 sets of card suits are shown with a 3rd partially filled in. Players must complete the 3rd set.

Example puzzle using card suits

As much as I enjoyed the difficulty ramp of LX Patterns, I would’ve liked to see an option to get a hint if a player was struggling on a particular level. I’ll admit there were a few puzzles I’d had to skip by the end of the game. After going back and musing over them for quite some time I’d have liked to get a hint to help me come to the answer and learn from the puzzle. As it stood, the only option was to brute force guess the answer and then read the explanation afterward, which felt like a time waste and a missed learning opportunity.

LX Patterns. Level 59 advanced puzzle. 11 colored flags are shown, the player must provide what the 12th flag would be.

A level that would benefit from a colorblind mode

There were some minor polish issues with LX Patterns, for instance, “beginner” is misspelled “begginer” throughout the game. At higher resolutions, the game also seemed a little horizontally stretched, and text entry boxes looked a little pixelated. The music also frequently faded out and disappeared for long pauses. However, I did appreciate the option for both a light and dark interface.

LX Patterns. Level 38 intermediate puzzle. 8 sets of rotating dials are shown, the player must provide what the 9th set would be. The background here is white instead of black like other images.

Light mode can be enabled in the settings, dark mode is the default



Overall, I found LX Patterns to be an enjoyable puzzle game. There were a variety of patterns to find and puzzles ramped up in a reasonable difficulty curve to cover a large range of challenges. For those more difficult puzzles, however, I would’ve appreciated the game having a hint system so players don’t have to brute force the answer to learn from the pattern. I also would’ve liked to see a colorblind mode and a little more polish on the interface. I recommend LX Patterns for puzzle game players looking to challenge their deductive abilities.

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