Coloring Book for Adults Review

Sit back and relax for a digital coloring experience and piano music in Coloring Book for Adults.

Format: PC via Steam
Play time so far: 1.5 hours

Coloring Book for Adults. A partially colored mandala featuring browns, greens, and blues

Released Nov 5th, 2020 by Peaksel


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Free-to-try
  • Flat price for full gameplay
Major Cons:
  • The color wheel does not offer precise control
Minor Pros:
  • Relaxing piano music
  • A good number of free-to-try pictures
Minor Cons:
  • Imagine filters of art medium textures would be more appropriate
Coloring Book for Adults. Categories of drawing to color listed in a gallery. Visible are Mandala, Owls, and Dinosaurs which are marked as free. Also visible are Butterflies, Letters Alphabet, Magic Mandala, and animals which are marked as VIP.

Three books are available for free

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In-Depth Review

Coloring Book for Adults is a free-to-try digital coloring book. By default, players start with three books unlocked for a total of 85 free images to color. These are Mandala, Owls, and Dinosaurs. Other books can be unlocked individually or everything can be unlocked for one flat cost. Players can export their work in several file formats, and revisit their work in their gallery to make edits or start over at any time.

Coloring Book for Adults. A colored drawing of an owl. A shades color palette is visible in the bottom right showing 14 shades of green.

Utilizing ‘Shades Color’ palettes

When working on a piece, there are three ways to manage a player’s color palette. Players default to using ‘Standard Colors’ which are preset collections of 14 colors. Another option is ‘Shades Colors’ which provide palettes of 14 shades of a single color. The final option is creating a custom color palette from the eyedropper and color wheel (although the color wheel is somewhat hard to control). All of these options can be actively swapped while working on a piece, allowing both for a fast start and detailed control.

Coloring Book for Adults. Filter options to add to a completed rainbow mandala. The current option is Vivid which produces an oil-on-water effect. 16 options are visible plus a scroll bar to reach more.

Filter options before exporting

When a picture is completed, players have the option to apply a filter before exporting. There are 20 filter options, plus ‘default’ which means no filter. I found many of the filter options to be distracting textures, but a few seemed quite nice. I expect other players will have their own subjective preferences. I would have preferred textures more traditional of art mediums, such as pencil, watercolor, crayon, or various types of paint. After selecting a filter, or opting out, players can export their final image as a .jpg, .png, or .pdf. If the user has not purchased the related premium content, their exported image will have a watermark mentioning the game at the bottom.

Coloring Book for Adults. Shop information offering new single book packs for approximately $2 USD or a premium pack that covers all 500+ current pictures and free updates forever for approximately $13 USD.

Premium shop options

Coloring Book for Adults features an in-app shop. While players can try out the first three starting books for free, additional books must be purchased. Individual books may be purchased as packs for US$2. Alternatively, a US$13 premium pack exists to unlock all current and future content and remove the watermark on exported images. Ads are not present within the game.

Coloring Book for Adults. A partially completed dinosaur color utilizing a zoom feature for detailed work

Zoom can also be used for detailed work



Overall, I found Coloring Book for Adults to be a relaxing alternative to traditional physical coloring books. While it does not offer the same tactile experience, it allows for easier access to new pictures and handy undo/redo options. The experience is also complemented by the optional relaxing piano music. The free coloring books are a great way to try out the game and I greatly appreciated a single price option to get all the content. I recommend Coloring Book for Adults for players interested in a relaxing digital coloring option.

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