Blaite Game Review

Blaite is a difficult 2D platformer with precise controls. Players navigate through black and white levels while avoiding projectiles, enemies, and hazardous terrain. Repeated deaths are expected, but restarting is fast. Blaite also features a good electronic soundtrack.

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 1.5 hours

Blaite level 16. the character is climbing a ladder in the center of the screen and must run over several falling platforms past bats and a slime to reach the exit

Released January 2th, 2017 by Dosane Games | Akim Games

Quick Overview

Major Pros:

  • Difficult platforming
Major Cons:

  • Ladder controls
Minor Pros:

  • Good electronic soundtrack
Minor Cons:

  • Random enemy movements
Blaite level 28.

Later levels offer multiple path choices

In-depth Review

Blaite’s main feature is its difficult platforming. Controls and timing a tight with little room for error. Repeated deaths are expected as players learn the hazards and timings of the level. Most levels do not allow for stopping and waiting, primarily by using grids of projectiles and impervious enemies that relentlessly chase the player. Any damage kills the player and restarts the level, so no damage boosting to the finish. Executing a level solution usually only takes about 15 seconds once the player has the timing right.

Blaite level 24. Spikes line the ceiling, which in turn becomes lower throughout the level

This level requires precise jump height and avoiding multiple projectiles

Blaite has a good electronic soundtrack. It’s not shy or subtly background music, but a full part of the experience. I feel that it’s important, especially in difficult games, to have music that keeps the player upbeat and determined. Despite having a difficulty I normally shy away from, I felt the music helped me stay determined to complete the hardest levels.

Blaite level 21.

Sometimes projectiles sync up with the beat

Blaite had a few issues I found unnecessarily frustrating. First was that the controls around ladders seemed unreliable. I found it hard to time jumping off them, and if they were next to a wall the character would often try to attach to the wall instead of climb the ladder. There was one level in particular where a ladder was up against a wall and I found my best option for getting past it was to jump and grab the wall then shift over to the ladder, because walking to the base of the ladder and not being able to climb was getting me killed.

Blaite level 23. a ladder is in the center of the level up against a wall.

This is the level in particular where the ladder was a problem

The second issue I had with Blaite was more minor and was that one type of enemies (slimes) move with a random pattern if the player isn’t close enough to them. Everything else in the game way predictable, but bad slime movement could easily get players killed. In the context of the rest of the game being predictable and focusing on precision and practice, I felt that the random element was not a beneficial addition.

Blaite level 17.

Slimes move randomly along the bottom of this level near the exit


Overall I found Blaite to be an enjoyable platformer. It was difficult, but encouraging. Despite the few issues I had with it, I was able to complete it in a short amount of time. I recommend it for players who enjoy difficult platforming focused on precision and practice.

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