Video Game Review – Lucius

Release Date: October 26th, 2012
Developer / Publisher: Shiver Games
Format: PC Game
First playthrough time: 5 hours

Lucius being creepy

He knows where you sleep

Major Pros:

  • Gruesomely murder everyone
  • You can go back to previous chapters, including replaying the last chapter to get either of the two endings
  • Suitable amount of hints from a variety of sources (NPC conversations, journal, “gifts”, intro dialog for each chapter, etc.)

Minor Pros:

  • Peep on “adult” behavior
  • If you shoot someone, their ragdoll flies around the room
Very distorted ragdoll

Fun with ragdolls!

Major Cons:

  • Story is a little unbelievable, even for a “son of Satan” themed game
  • The game doesn’t do enough to create an appropriate mood for the player
  • Spells can be really hard to manipulate and the limits to your range aren’t clear

Minor Cons:

  • Characters have no facial expression
  • Layout of the house can be confusing and it’s not clear which of the servants’ quarters are whose
  • Some of the Steam achievements didn’t trigger for me
Lucius and Lucifer

Quality father-son time!

I didn’t find the story or characters to be all that indepth, but I did still enjoy the game. The first two “gifts” you get for doing chores can give you hints for each of your puzzles and most levels give you ample time to figure them out. The puzzles (murders) are all about the same length, four entries in your journal, though some take longer and more walking than others. While the story was sterotypical, I did like the mother’s slow descent into insanity, which was one of the few character progressions. Figuring out each murder while not getting caught was pretty interesting, and none of the spell usage was too out there. While it’s no masterpiece, I still want to recommend it to all the devilish little gamers out there who would enjoy smash expensive china, peeping on adult “playtime”, stalking around in the dark, setting things on fire, and (of course) graphically butchering the 20 or so occupants of the house as a 6 year old boy with demonic powers.

Find this game at the publisher’s website or on Steam.

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