Bunny Park Review

Collect, pet, and feed cute bunnies while building them a vibrant garden in Bunny Park. With 25 different bunnies to collect and butterflies to help automate their care, you can build a custom garden to share with your bunnies!

Format: PC via Steam
First playthrough time: 4.5 hours

Bunny Park. 3 bunnies amidst bushes, floors, and vegetable patches

Released Jan 14th, 2020 by Éloïse Laroche


Quick Overview

Major Pros:
  • Cute bunnies
  • Build your own garden
Major Cons:
  • Bunnies seem to arrive randomly
  • Very slow zoom
Minor Pros:
  • Simple and relaxing
Minor Cons:
  • Bunnies get accessories that can’t be removed
  • Animals get clustered together
Bunny Park. A dense garden of red and white flowers with stone paths and walls

Flower garden

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In-depth Review

Bunny Park is a cute clicker game about collecting bunnies and building a natural park for them to live in. Players earn money by removing debris from the park, such as grass, small rocks, and fallen logs, and by collecting coins dug up by the bunnies. There are three different stats to increase in Bunny Park. One of which is coziness, which is increased by petting the bunnies. Another is cuteness, which has increased by placing more decorations around the park. And the last is popularity, which goes up as more bunnies arrive at your park. There are 25 different bunnies to collect as well as numerous decorations to keep the bunnies happy and digging up coins, which is the fastest way to earn income. The player must make sure there’s always ample food in the park as the bunnies will stop digging up coins if they become hungry.

Bunny Park. Brown bunny with a gold coin floating in front of it

A bunny digging up a coin

I liked the different building opportunities in Bunny Park. My building style was more around building small dioramas of objects, such as a playground or a pool. And I tended to prefer the more open feel. It’s certainly possible though, to build very dense parks with many paths, walls, and dense flowers or bushes. The bunnies are able to move through or over most of the objects and rarely get stuck.

Bunny Park. Symmetric garden of hedges and flower patches

Hedge garden

The gameplay I found to be very simple and relaxing. It’s not very complicated to clear debris, pet bunnies, and collect coins. There were also automation helpers called bot-terflies, which can automate some of the processes of clearing debris, petting bodies, or gathering coins. Although I found that they had a tendency to cluster together with multiple of them try to clear one thing out at once, leaving other things unclear in different areas of the park. The bunnies too, clustered around the food areas, which makes sense, but I have liked to see them spread out more across the park and utilize all of the space.

Bunny Park. Bunnies and butterflies hoving around an empty vegetable patch

Clustering of bunnies and bot-terflies

It wasn’t really clear to me what caused bunnies to arrive. They mostly arrived in order, but sometimes they arrived out of order. It wasn’t clear to me if there are particular foods necessary to get bunnies to arrive, particular objects, or if it was simply time. It makes sense to me that it was probably something about the stats of the park as to when bunnies would arrive, but I couldn’t really find a rhyme or reason. And once bunnies arrived, it didn’t say what got it to show up.

Bunny Park. 3 out of 25 bunnies found

The bunny collection

I wanted to be able to both admire my park and look at the cute bunnies, which was difficult to do because each required a different zoom level. Zoom in the game was a big struggle with the mouse wheel, it seemed to take forever to zoom in or out. It was hard to switch between viewing the park and interacting with the bunnies themselves because it was so slow.

Bunny Park. Zoomed in view of a sleeping black and white bunny

A closer look at an adorable snooze

This became annoying as later on when I got some of the summer-themed items, the bunnies started wearing hats and sunglasses. I preferred the more natural look of the bunnies, but the bigger issue was the hats obscured the bunnies if I was zoomed out to see the park. I wish I had the option to take them off or disable them.

Bunny Park. Bunny in a hammock wearing a sun hat

Even zoomed, in the face is obscured



Overall, I enjoyed the cute bunnies and garden decorations of Bunny Park. I didn’t fully understand what caused bunnies to arrive and I disliked their clustering and accessories, but the game was very simple and relaxing. I recommend Bunny Park for players interested in building a cute park and collecting bunnies.

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