4 Fast and Free Indie Games

4 free indie games you can beat in under 30 minutes. Looking for a quick bite of Indie? Here are fast reviews for fast games. Featuring Bookend, Unroaded, Auf Abwegen, and Its Simple, SHOOT.


Digital popup book depicting Abigail with a lantern trying to cross a river. the bridge is raised in front of her.

Released March 6th by Paper Crown Interactive

In Bookend, players take on the role of little witch Abigail when the local village blame her and her mother for an impending disaster. Players navigate Abigail through the pages of the story book, following the audio narration of the story for clues. Each page is simple and short, with a cute paper art style. There’s one ending, with no player influence over the story.


The philosopher character with a covered face says:

Released March 6th by Dihen

Unroaded is a choose-your-own-adventure style game about the “life” of an undead warrior after the war is over. The story is set in a wasted medieval landscape and covers themes of death, purpose, war, and suicide. There are multiple endings for players to discover as well as several dialog choices with the encountered characters.

Auf Abwegen

The fox of Auf Abwegen stands at a pond in the forest. Subtitles show the character Gegi saying

Released March 9th by Kindman | InSayn

In Auf Abwegen, two characters safe in a space station over a destroyed Earth share a simulation about what Earth used to be like. Players control the fox in the simulation, while the characters discuss what life was like then and is like for them now. As the fox, players perform platforming of moderate to high difficulty with frequent checkpoints.

Its Simple, SHOOT

Its simple, shoot gameplay. Shows a black and white where the black and white square at the center is using a blue shotgun to fend off red squares, yellow circles, and blue triangles. One of the red enemies has been stunned.

Released March 14th by KyleR

It’s Simple, SHOOT! The name says it all. Fight off waves of enemies while constantly switching and reloading weapons. Kite around walls, grab boosts, bop to the music, and don’t get cornered. For players looking for more than 30 minutes of gameplay, there are higher wave counts and an endless mode for constant arcade action.

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