Video Game Review – Gomo

Release Date: December 6th, 2013
Developer: Fishcow Studio
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Format: PC Game
First playthrough time: 1 hour

Gomo descends a rope

Gomo makes his run for the bathroom

Major Pros:

  • Adorable art style with unique animations for the character while moving through every scene and around every obstacle
  • Effective wordless storytelling

Minor Pros:

  • Hidden unlockable mini games are pretty fun
  • Game has a good sense of humor
Time passing screen

Very few words, mostly for context and humor

Major Cons:

  • Only an hour long
  • Puzzles were occasionally too abstract and it wasn’t clear what the goal was

Minor Cons:

  • Story was at times overly ridiculous
War of worlds robots destroying town

Quite the party last night

I found the game very cute, but not very challenging. Most puzzles spanned only a screen or two and didn’t require very many interactions to solve once you knew what the goal was. The story was also pretty ridiculous, but at points ridiculously adorable and the game had a good sense of humor (at one point little red riding hood is fighting the wolf with a light saber in the background). My main complaint was that the game was so short. It took me an hour to complete the story and although there are hidden mini-games to find and unlock that are accessible from the main menu, they didn’t increase the time I got out of the game all that much. Overall I thought the game was very cute and fun but was too short to make an impact.

Red riding hood fights the wolf

Ignore the hamsters. See the wolf and red riding hood in the background.

Find this game at the publisher’s website or on Steam.


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