Jack is the sole survivor of a bloody massacre at an asylum testing an experimental drug for memory recovery. Now held captive by his doctor, he must access the lost memories in his mind to find out what really happened. Solve the deaths of the asylum occupants, retrace Jack’s path to the asylum, and find out what the experimental drug really does to the patients, in The Butterfly Sign.

Sin Slayers: The First Sin is a free strategy RPG with rougelike elements. Players control a party of 3 characters while exploring procedurally generated maps. Characters improve by gaining new skills and equipment and players can create and recreate their party from the 5 available heroes. The game is still in development, with 6 more areas and 5 more playable characters planned.

Big Pharma is a management simulation game where players run a pharmaceutical company. Players control resource and technical research, drug production, and build assembly lines spanning whole warehouses. But other companies are also out to earn a profit and can cut into both the resource and consumer markets. Different goal modes are available across a range of difficulties, as well as a free build mode.