Video Game Review – Bridge Constructor Playground

Bridge Constructor Playground is a physic puzzle game in which players build bridges from a few simple materials to span progressively wider gaps. The game features 32 levels in total, with each level having 5 badges to complete. Badges cover constraints such as load tests, cost restrictions, stress limits, and material constraints. Bridges are tested in a physics simulation with visible stress level indicators per piece.

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Video Game Review – Soulless: Ray of Hope

Soulless: Ray of Hope is a puzzle platformer with a colorful world and expressive music. Players use basic mechanics and items to complete both relaxed and rushed puzzles throughout three acts of the game. The game also features three endings based on your final choices, in addition to collectibles and secret rooms.

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Video Game Review – Wanda: A Beautiful Apocalypse

Wanda: A Beautiful Apocalypse is a story-rich puzzle game focused on the relationship between two robots in the post-apocalyptic remains of their homeland. They journey to find friendship and discover what happened to their world. Expressive cutscenes tell the story without comprehensible dialogue and unique puzzles help the pair overcome unexpected challenges.

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Video Game Review – The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is a first / third person puzzle game with a sci-fi setting and philosophical story. Players navigate over 120 3D puzzles to gather sigils, which progress the story and unlock more puzzles. Tools include lasers, drones, doppelganger recorders, and more. The story focuses on what it means to be human, the experiences of consciousness and death, and the remnants of those who came before. Short text documents, QR messages, and audio logs are scattered throughout the game for the player to experience.

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